The CoRoT Be group

Faint exo targets

The CoRoT Be stars group is in charge of the selection of faint Be stars as additional targets in the programs of CoRoT. For this purpose, we searched for faint Be stars in the exoplanet fields of CoRoT, thanks to:
- a litterature search
- a large program of ground-based photometry
- a large program of ground-based spectroscopy
- an IR Spitzer survey of one CoRoT field

Once a CoRoT field has been observed, all stars in the exo field are classified by the CVC. Stars identified as Be stars at this point are also included in our study.

Determination of fundamental parameters

The faint CoRoT Be stars were usually unknown in the litterature before our observations. Therefore their fundamental parameters are not known. To be able to study these stars and perform seismic modelling, it is necessary to determine these parameters. We have set up a ground-based spectroscopic programme with the Flames multi-fiber spectrograph at ESO to characterize all variable stars in the CoRoT exo fields including the Be stars.

Status of the ESO/Flames programme: part of the IR1 and LRA1 have been observed in Nov 2008 - Mar 2009 (ESO period 82). The observation of the variable stars of the LRC1 field has ben obtained in Jul-Aug 2009 (ESO period 83), of the LRC2 field in Jul 2010 (ESO period 85), and of the LRA2 field in Jan 2011 (ESO period 86).

Flames obesrvations are obtained in the LR2 and LR6 modes. If you wish to use these data, please contact Coralie Neiner.

For more information, please contact Coralie Neiner

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